The aim of Research And Networking for Gambling Early-career Scholars (RANGES) is to foster the interaction, capacity, and growth of early career scholars in gambling studies. The network is a friendly and accessible environment for anyone who:

  • is in the early stages of their career (within 10 years of obtaining PhD);
  • feels they would benefit from networking within their peer group;
  • wants to¬†form connections with others who are further ahead in their career.

RANGES is member-led, with the mandate to foster outreach activities and events organized by network representatives. The role of these representatives is to organize activities that further the personal and professional development of those in the early stages of their career, providing opportunities such as:

  • networking opportunities with junior and senior scholars
  • potential for collaboration on research
  • peer to peer support
  • communication opportunities between peers, mentors and senior/late career researchers
  • opportunities for presenting work, especially through talks, symposia, and workshops
  • opportunities for careers advice and support
  • help and advice when applying for research grants
  • organize networking and mentoring events at major international conferences in our field.