The network’s objectives are:

1. Increase research capacity in gambling studies:

  • Facilitate and encourage scientific research and interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • Encourage networking between researchers from different disciplines and conceptual/methodological backgrounds, and institutions;
  • Promote opportunities for early career members to collaborate on national and international projects, research and committees;
  • Facilitate connections and the sharing of knowledge/skills between early career members.

2. Promote the sharing and use of knowledge:

  • Encourage and facilitate interaction between researchers within the gambling field;
  • Promote knowledge transfer in the field of gambling studies through a dynamic Web platform, e.g. monthly newsletter, exchanges and reflexivity activities (blogs, lunchtime videoconferences, and conference events), fortnightly “think piece” articles by established and emerging gambling scholars;
  • Provide an online environment where early career members can communicate about relevant issues (e.g. website, Twitter).

3. Foster mentorship:

  • Encourage mentorship between early and late career researchers;
  • Promote long lasting collegial support to manage the risky and uncertain nature of this career phase during one’s academic trajectory;
  • Enable informal mentoring for early career members through connections with more experienced leaders in the field.